Mandy Kelly, Dermascopist

Hi there, just a bit of background on myself. Firstly I’m a qualified nurse working in Bendigo. They say that every nurse eventually finds her passion within nursing in a particular area, and after working at ‘Spot on Skin’ with Dr Peter Dawkins and Mr Richard Dickinson I discovered my love for skin.

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1 Chum st, Bendigo

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I also facilitate skin cancer assessments and seminars in the corporate sector, providing employees with comprehensive information and education.

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Great to have Mandy offer her services in our ruraltowns. Lovely, professional, informative, quick service.Great for peace of mind.

Quick, thorough and easy service. No referrals needed and great peace of mind for any of your skin concerns, thanks.

I found the experience helpful, comfortable and in no way degrading, very pleasant over all. Thank you.

Excellent put my mind at ease as no concerns detected.

Very thorough, informative, friendly.

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