Hi there, just a bit of background on myself. Firstly I’m a qualified nurse working in Bendigo. They say that every nurse eventually finds her passion within nursing in a particular area, and after working at ‘Spot on Skin’ with Dr Peter Dawkins and Mr Richard Dickinson I discovered my love for skin.

I then became qualified as a Dermatoscopist (what’s that you say) I’m specially trained to look for skin cancer. I then worked in Melbourne for Skin Smart Australia, travelling to all the states doing skin cancer checks.

But being a country girl at heart I decided to start my own business and concentrate on Bendigo and surrounding areas. So my business ‘In2skin Co.’ was created in June 2018.

My service is very comprehensive, private, informative and friendly. It takes 20 minutes and it’s a full body head to toe check, going over every mole and lesion. There’s also an educational spiel (I’m passionate about educating everyone on what to look for, how to check your own skin and I also give some handy tips on how to record your own lesions) as well as discussing your sun protection.

Everyone gets their own personal record, if any suspicious lesions are found a referral letter for your GP will be provided.

What makes my business different to similar services?
I’m extremely thorough and I provide comprehensive education to help you detect abnormal spots/lesions on yourself, your partner and friends.

your skin.